Beeswax Polish Clear 500g (Jumbo Jar)


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Beeswax Polish Clear 500g (Jumbo Jar)

L'essentiel Botanics Beeswax is a non-yellowing, neutral wax can be buffed to a high shine or buffed to a low sheen.

It is the perfect consistency for using alone or using on top of other natural oils such as hemp oil.

Polishes and protects with no harsh solvents; only the light, sweet smell of beeswax.

Can be applied with a brush or a lint free cloth then buff excess off.

Our beeswax polish is made of the highest quality cosmetic ingredients. L’essentiel is hypo-allergenic, safe for children's toys, furniture and rooms.

Lastly L’essentiel Furniture Polish can be used as a lip balm or a nourishing hand balm as it is skin safe and cosmetic grade.

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