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All in one base coat


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All in one base coat
L'essentiel's 1 coat wonder!

What's the all the hype about L'essentiel All in one Base & Blocker?
This product is our primer, sealer and undercoat and basically our Super hero when it comes to prep.

It is water based
Eco friendly
It doesn't have an offensive odour, like many blockers do.
It only requires one brushed coat to kill tannin bleed.
It can be used as a base coat to improve adhesion of other products.
It is a great undercoat to get colour pop with bright colours.
It improves colour blocking when using whites.
It can minimize imperfections on your substrate.It will fill minor imperfections.
This product is matt. Matt product + glossy surface = superior adhesion. This means, less sanding on your original substrate.This means, less work.
It can be used indoors
All in one comes in 2 colours, white and grey.
Best of all it really does work.

Let's get one thing straight, all compounds are a chemical. Even water(H₂O).
The difference is,we use eco and safe ingredients, that meet Australian standards and our product is formulated for the Australian climate. This gives you sufficient open time.
This in itself is a good enough reason to buy Australian made.

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