Let's talk about Ultimate finish mineral paint

Anthony Mills

What makes Ultimate finish mineral paint a little different from what already exists in the furniture painting world, you may ask.

Firstly Ultimate finish mineral paint has been designed with the Australian climate in mind. Application is easy as it is designed to cope with our hot summer and cooler months without becoming tacky or tricky to apply.

Ultimate finish is an eco-safe acrylic that has an inbuilt sealer/wax. It does self-prime and has incredible adhesion. The binder in Ultimate finish is so strong the product won't move once painted on your surface(using our directions). I can only describe the finish as "almost ceramic like" once cured.

To Prep or not to prep is the question
This will depend on the state your furniture piece is in. Sometimes a cheap bargain can be a nightmare with the hours needed to repair and prepare the piece. Your time is money. Sometimes extra dollars spent on the purchase can mean quicker painting and finishing, resulting in an ability to advertise or sell the piece quicker. Keep this in mind when you purchase. Some pieces require so much repair and work you will never be able to charge for the amount of hours spent on the piece.

Different formulation, different paint, different rules. Don't treat all paint products the same. Different painting techniques, and brushes are sometimes required when using different style paints.

We know Ultimate Finish is 100% acrylic. Acrylic is very different to a chalk paint or BOTANICS furniture paint. Acrylic gives you a little more forgiveness if you are an over-prepper. In most cases, the acrylic will form a barrier between tannin and oil and hold them underneath the paint. Unlike Botanics furniture paint( it is matte and contains chalk), it will absorb, although it contains tannin blockers.

Ultimate Finish mineral paint doesn't require much prep.

It is as easy as Clean, Paint, Done!

You will, from time to time, have cases where your substrate needs work. Sand, if needed, then use a base coat should your colour selection require it. To be honest, you will have changed the porosity of your surface from sanding, so it is best to base coat, you will find All in one base & blocker here. It will give you an even surface. Even if you don't base & block, Ultimate Finish is very forgiving.
Load your brush! Use a synthetic brush in a size that is relative to the piece you are painting. If you are painting a sideboard top, why use a 25mm brush? Use a F50 or F63, find brushes here:

Using a larger brush on a large furniture piece will mean less brush strokes required, it will also mean less brush marks over the top of your piece. A bigger brush means a larger surface area is covered quickly and easily. I am not quite sure why small brushes for large items are flavor of the month as it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

The most crucial step in painting with Ultimate finish is to load your brush well. Ultimate finish is a self leveling paint, in order for the product to self level it needs enough paint on the surface. If you can see sparse track marks in your paint, and the paint looks wishy washy, load your brush more. Your brush holding technique also plays a huge role in creating brush marks. You want enough paint brushed down on your piece that as it dries it can self level and the paint will fall into itself. You also should be holding your brush almost horizontal to achieve the least brush marks possible.

Don't water down your product. Your product is designed to work just as it is in the jar. Why dilute your product? it will affect the coverage and also the colour. It is important to note here also, your don't require a wet brush with this product.

Lets now talk about finishing the piece of furniture.

We know Ultimate finish is self sealing. It can however be finished in many ways to create a better finish.

As furniture artisans, we are always searching for that elusive beautiful finish. It is easy and here is how you create it.

Once your Ultimate finish mineral paint is dry and you are happy with the coverage, Use our soapstone wax

Use one of our sanding pads available on our website or use 1500 grit wet and dry sandpaper. Using circular motion with minimal pressure use your sandpaper over a blob of soapstone. You are using the soapstone as a buffing medium here,  a little like a cut and polish on your paint job.

I personally wet sand, with water, soapstone wax or hemp infusion oil. I finish every single piece this way unless I glaze. To me a piece isn't complete unless it has been finished in some way. Even though Ultimate finish mineral paint has a built in top coat, most of us are tactile and love finishing our pieces with another product. This also gives you double durability without the hard work.

Remember the key points:

Ultimate finish doesn't require sealing, although you can.

Although self-leveling you need to load your brush so there is enough paint applied to your piece to level.

7 day cure time.

Sometimes depending on the condition and colour of your substrate a base coat is best used.

Photo credit to Chic n' Shabby our retailer in Yarra Junction Victoria

Chic n' Shabby         

Photo credit Paint Me Provincial, colour Reykjavik

Ultimate finish mineral paint Reykjavik       



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