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Anthony Mills

Having worked for years in a kitchen as a chef, I’m acutely aware of the importance of the cleanliness and hygiene of my working environment. Having a clean kitchen and utensils is not only paramount for the well-being of my diners, but also provides kitchen staff with a safe and organised work environment that maintains the required health regulations.


Here at L’essentiel, we have transposed our ethos of safe furniture finishing products to create a couple of products for your kitchen and house that embody our stance on being environmentally friendly and health-conscious.


Our Cutting Board Butter helps to prolong the lifespan of your wooden cutting boards, cheese boards and serving platters by replenishing and maintaining the hydration of the material. To clean your wooden boards after use, simply cut a lemon in half, dip the cut side in some salt and scrub the surface. The acidic nature of the citrus and the slight abrasiveness of the salt will safely and gently cleanse the wood, remove excess food and deodorise the surface. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth. Apply a ten cent coin sized portion of our Cutting Board Butter to the surface and buff in. This will return the hydration and natural oils to your boards while keeping them safe to serve from.


When it comes to cleaning your kitchen surfaces and food preparation areas, you need not look any further than our Lemon Myrtle Cream Cleanser. This wonderful product will efficiently and safely clean most surfaces. Not only in your kitchen, but also your bathroom and laundry room. Use this product the same way as traditional cream cleansers, but with the knowledge that it does not contain any nasty chemicals or ingredients. It can be used to safely clean stainless steel, stone and laminated surfaces with easy and very minimal elbow grease.


Chef knives can be expensive, with some knives costing hundreds of dollars each. In a commercial kitchen, chefs will not allow their knives to be put through a dishwasher as doing so can quickly dull the edge. A blunt knife is a dangerous knife as the chance of it slipping while cutting is high. Our Lemon Myrtle Cream Cleanser means you can also safely and efficiently clean your knives without putting them in the dishwasher. Just simply apply a small amount and remove any food residue. Wipe clean under running water and you’re done.


We are excited to add these products to our range and we hope that you enjoy using them, knowing that you have now introduced some health-conscious and safe cleaning products to your home.




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