Did you know we have a distributor in New Zealand? We sure do! Here's a few words from Amiria.

Anthony Mills

Name of your business?

Refinished Co

How long have been painting furniture?

3 years.

What inspired you to paint and relove furniture?

I've always painted houses - I love the end of an amazing transformation. I move a lot, so I don't keep a lot of furniture, if any. I also do not like spending a lot on furniture, as I know it's not coming with me to wherever I move to. Enter furniture painting. Cheap, easy, and fast with minimal effort. I can refinish my whole house in the decor/colourI like with a fraction of the cost. 

Do you have a particular style you paint in?

Easy!!! I am not an artist by traditional means at all - I am a stick figure drawer so for me, L'essentiel is the easiest medium I've used. Minimal prep, quick paint and I can see amazing transformation - it's addictive once you do your first piece. 

What has been your biggest painting disaster to date?

Not using a blocker and having a whole heap of bleed through ....and using a belt sander with 40 grade on a laminate wood top :( All learning curves. 

Why did you decide to stock L'essentiel?

I love love love the ethos of L'essentiel, the smell of the products, and the ease of application. In my opinion, there is no comparable product I've used.

What is your biggest paint tip you are willing to share with our readers?

There are so many! Freeze your brushes after cleaning, always have a rag on hand with water. 

Favourite L'esssentiel Products?

Hands down would be Liquid carbon - it is the most forgiving paint. Translucent glaze in black or antiquing - on top of a light colour or detail, it can totally transform a piece. 


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