All in one base & blocker. The super hero in prep and painting.

Anthony Mills

L'essentiel's 1 coat wonder!

What's the all the hype about L'essentiel All in one Base & Blocker?
This product is our primer, sealer and undercoat and basically our Super hero when it comes to prep.

It is water based
Eco friendly
It doesn't have an offensive odour, like many blockers do.
It only requires one brushed coat to kill tannin bleed.
It can be used as a base coat to improve adhesion of other products.
It is a great undercoat to get colour pop with bright colours.
It improves colour blocking when using whites.
It can minimize imperfections on your substrate.It will fill minor imperfections.
This product is matt. Matt product + glossy surface = superior adhesion. This means, less sanding on your original substrate.This means, less work.
It can be used indoors
All in one comes in 2 colours, white and grey.
Best of all it really does work.

Let's get one thing straight, all compounds are a chemical. Even water(H₂O).
The difference is,we use eco and safe ingredients, that meet Australian standards and our product is formulated for the Australian climate. This gives you sufficient open time.
This in itself is a good enough reason to buy Australian made.

When using All in one, you will not benefit you piece any more by using more than 1 coat when it comes to killing tannin. 1 coat is all you need and more than that is wastage.

Scenario 1.

When prepping your substrate it is fairly simple when it comes to a straight furniture piece with little damage. If there is no existing product peeling, simply clean your piece with Brush & surface cleansing soap.

Allow your piece to dry, we then suggest doing a patch test with paint on your piece to check if you in fact need to use All in one. Your piece may not bleed.

If you don't have bleed coming through your chosen paint colour, continue to paint.

Over prepping can create a real monster when dealing with furniture, be mindful before taking to your piece with sanding. It doesn't always achieve the best outcome. Modern day paints like L'essentiel are formulated to adhere well to most surfaces without the need to sand.

Scenario 2.

Your piece is old, dirty has flaking old paint and smells.

Clean your piece with Brush and surface cleansing soap and wash off any residue well. Allow your piece to dry. Sand your piece enough that it doesn't have anymore paint flaking(this may even be that you don't have to take it back to raw timber). Repair as needed, embossing stencil paste can be used for this.

Allow this to dry and sand your repairs to smooth. Brush over All in one over your piece, this will camouflage repairs and any minor imperfections. Once again, allow this to dry and paint in your desired finish.

We suggest using white All in one when painting in whites and neutrals and our pastels.

Grey All in one is fantastic used under brights for colour pop.

NOTE. You may see tannin staining sitting under your All in one. This is perfectly normal. Continue on with your paint colour. 2 coats of your colour and that shadow will disappear.

Imagine matte and chalky paints as a sponge. When you sit them on top of tannin, they suck it up. This is not the fault of the paint, it is the nature of the beast.
Now imagine spilling olive oil on your kitchen bench and placing paper towel over the top to absorb the oil. It is a greasy mess right? The oil is sitting right there in the paper towel. This is no different to using chalk paint on a tannin/oily surface. Therefore there is bleed and staining.
Ultimate finish mineral paint is your best choice on a tannin staining surface after using All in one. Being an eco acrylic, not even the harshest tannin can penetrate.
Chalk paints are great! yes they are low prep, but they are not suitable for every piece of furniture and it is a myth they are always easy peasy to use. ©L’essentiel


All in one is matt, it is however a tanin blocker. It is designed for this purpose. It is also designed to stick to unsanded slick surfaces.

If you have a furniture piece that is a nightmare with bleeding or a variety of timber well known to bleed, consider using Ultimate finish mineral paint instead of a chalk paint. This will not only make it an easier task, it will be harder wearing and more durable.

One coat of All in one on balinese timber

One coat of All in one on Balinese timber bookcase. She is now ready to paint.


Shadowing under All in one

This above shadowing of tannin is very normal. Your first coat of paint will give coverage over this, the All in one is holding it back and won't allow it through your paint colour. In some cases it will be your second coat of paint that hides the shadow, particularly if you are using white.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us here.

I hope this blog has been helpful.

You will find most of our retailers Australia wide, stock All in one and include info about this product in their workshops.



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