A little info about our waxes.

Anthony Mills

Here at L'ESSENTIEL we have many choices when it comes to waxes;

Solid beeswax polishes, Soapstone wax, Liquid wax and Hemp Infusion wax

Let’s look at the differences:

Beeswax polish (clear and coloured)

Our original beeswax polish contains more carnauba wax than beeswax. It is solvent free (we use plant oils instead of drying agents or solvents). Our beeswax polish is easy to apply and use. When using a solvent free polish like this over paint, it is best reserved for use on milk paint, chalk paint and any other porous paints or timbers. This wax needs something to grab onto. The coloured waxes need a surface that their pigments will grab onto and stain. With our coloured beeswax, don't use clear under it. You will hinder it grabbing and staining on your paint. It is for this very reason our beeswax polish, regardless of colour, is best not used over our Crystal Clear topcoat. It can’t stick and won’t hold on and will slide right off your surface.

It is hard out there in the paint world to navigate and find the correct information out there. Feel free to join our facebook group here

All products perform differently and if used incorrectly they won't perform well. Our beeswax is one of those products.

A solvent wax works a little like this. It is a combination of solvent, wax, oils and pigment. The wax requires the solvent to deliver the wax to your surface and make it pliable. The solvent will then evaporate. Our polish is solvent free. Therefore, it is our natural plant oils that are the delivery system and there is no substance to evaporate. With our wax it is about absorption. When using our beeswax polish, it feels very different to a solvent polish.


Wipe onto your surface, let sit a few minutes and buff off excess. Reapply as desired for the finish you want to achieve.

Sheen level: Semi matte to high shine depending on amount of buffing and layering

Liquid wax.

Liquid wax is a combination of hard waxes, oils and water. It is seriously easy to use. It is durable and coats can be built up without the fear of it becoming tacky. We use the coloured liquid waxes on their own without clear under them; again for the above reasons. Liquid wax will give a slightly finer and more matte finish unless you buff it to a high sheen. The colours can be mixed with ease as they are liquid. These are great also to use as you would a stain on raw timber. You will achieve a subtle antiquing look when using the umber liquid wax, in comparison to a heavier grungier antique with the dark beeswax polish.


Apply several coats with a cloth. This isn’t hard work. If you can apply moisturiser to your legs, you can apply this with ease. 2 or more coats applied and wet sanded will help you achieve a mirror finish. This product is great also used over flat sealer to give double durability.

Soapstone wax.

Soapstone wax is by far the most versatile of all our waxes. It  is only available in clear, although a little liquid wax can be added to colour it. Soapstone wax is one of a kind; there isn’t another product like it. It is soft, creamy, easy to use and does in fact contain a little lemon oil that will assist it to dry quickly. The lemon oil we use is safe, natural and used in very small quantities. Soapstone can be applied with a cloth, sandpaper or sanding pad. It can be used to seal, distress, or wet sand. The finish you can obtain from this particular product will change your upcycle projects. As easy as it is to apply, it is super durable and the proprietary ingredients ensure a lasting finish.


Warning, this wax is highly addictive! Apply with a cloth, or wet sand, wiping away any excess. You can truly polish your paint this way with minimal effort. You can also achieve a mirror finish on blacks, charcoal and dark coloured paints. This wax is the perfect partner when using Ultimate Finish mineral paint to get a high shine.

Hemp infusion wax

Hemp infusion wax is a combination of very hard waxes (does not contain beeswax) and hemp oil. It dries hard and durable, although it doesn’t contain a drying agent or solvent. This is a great wax for all porous paints. It can be built up on your substrate in layers to give you almost a mirror finish. This wax is a little like using hemp oil and wax in one application. If you love hemp oil, I would think you will love this product also. This is also a vegan friendly option.

That is all I have for you today, I hope this blog helps explain our waxes a little.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about glazes.

Happy Painting!


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