A chit chat with Laurie from Paint Brush and Pixie Dust in Newcastle, NSW.

Anthony Mills

Name of your business?

Paint Brush and Pixie Dust

How long have been painting furniture?

About 30 years since I moved out of home 😊

What inspired you to paint and relove furniture?

I have always loved giving new life to old things, I have never had a home with completely new furniture. I love teaching others and sharing my knowledge plus turning that into a business is a dream for me.

Do you have a particular style you paint in?

I am a bit eclectic, boho but also love a good clean classic look. I get inspiration from all around me and then interpret it to my own creative craziness 😊

What has been your biggest painting disaster to date?

Well nothing is really a disaster, you learn from your mistakes and I just keep trying till I get it, if that means repainting, changing paint style or starting again so be it.

Maybe owning so many pets is not my greatest plus with wet paint lol

Why did you decide to stock L'essentiel?

I used to work in a shop with another brand and when they closed I decided to go for it on my own, I had a check list of what I wanted.

  • Australian made
  • Safe even Eco certified if I could find it. I am a qualified Herbalist so am totally in tune with reducing chemical use in our lives and staying as true to yourself and surroundings.
  • Large range of colours and complimentary products
  • Good support for stockists
  • Well I googled and L’essentiel came up, ordered a few samples and instantly fell in love!

What is your biggest paint tip you are willing to share with our readers?

Don’t be afraid to fail, everyone does! Keep trying if you love what you are doing, just go for it!

Oh wash your brushes

A few of Paint Brush and Pixie Dust's eclectic creations. You can find supplies and more  from Paint Brush and Pixie Dust here

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